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Each Tessera Book comes with 42 pages which fit perfectly on our screw posts. You can add one or two Tessera Insert packs to your book by removing the cardboard spacers in the front and back of your book. If you add more than three insert packs to your book, you will need screw post extensions. Contact Customer Service at (888) 454-0094 or email customerservice@tesserapublishing.com and we will send you what you need.
All Occasions - Variety Pack
A mixed pack of our best selling All Occasion Inserts.  Perfect if you want a little bit of everything!
* Blank Pages (4)
* Lined Journal Pages (4)
* Photos & Keepsakes (4)

Item Number: 70-440                                                                                $13.50 USD

  All Occasions Single Page Replacement A single replacement page for your book. In the Check Out process, use the comments section to give us the title(s) of the page(s) you need.
Item Number: 70-457                                                                                $2.00 USD

All Occasion - Keepsake Envelope Insert Pages
This Tessera Insert Pack includes six blank pages with a 6" by 9" envelope affixed to each page. 

Item Number: 70-443                                                                                $13.50 USD

All Occasions - Blank Pages
Twelve blank pages for pictures or keepsakes; appropriate for any Tessera Memory Book. 

Click here to view pages.

Item Number: 70-400                                                                                $13.50 USD

All Occasions - E-Z Dots Repositionable Adhesives
E-Z Dots is now new and improved, with a more durable liner and 15 additional feet of adhesive! Everyone can benefit from adding E-Z Dots to their adhesive collection. E-Z Dots dispenses translucent dots of repositionable adhesive that will simply come off at any time with a swipe of the finger!
  • 49' of repositionable adhesive
  • Reposition design elements at any time
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove
  • Layout and re-layout until it's perfect
  • Great for beginners
  • Acid free and archival safe
This adhesive is acid free and archival quality, so it is safe for keeping your special memories preserved in your album.

Item Number: 90-909                                                                                $6.50 USD

All Occasions - Gifts
Twelve pages with the title "Gifts" and can be used for showers, parties, weddings and other events.  

Click here to view pages.

Item Number: 70-408                                                                                $13.50 USD

All Occasions - Guests & Gifts
Useful for extra showers, the All Occasions Guests & Gifts Insert pack includes six pages with the title of "Guest" and six pages with the title of "Gifts"

Item Number: 70-439                                                                                $13.50 USD

All Occasions - Itinerary Insert Pages
Twelve pages with the title "Itinerary" that can be used for general travel or daily activities.

Item Number: 70-430                                                                                $13.50 USD

All Occasions - Lined Journal Pages
Twelve lined pages for writing and journaling; appropriate for any Tessera Memory Book. 

Click here to view pages.

Item Number: 70-401                                                                                $13.50 USD

All Occasions - Memory System Black .1mm Archival Pen
Millenium Memory Systems black marker 1 mm tip is the premier line of markers designed specifically for scrapbooking and crafting. The markers have been tested for archival quality. All are acid-free, lightfast, colorfast, photo safe, waterproof, fade-proof, non-bleeding and smear-proof, once dry.

Item Number: 90-908                                                                                $3.00 USD

All Occasions - Page Protectors
A set of 15 acid free page protectors that fit perfectly over each Tessera Memory Book page.

Item Number: 90-901                                                                                $13.50 USD

All Occasions - Page Protectors Value Pack (incl. 45)
A set of 45 acid free page protectors that fit perfectly over each Tessera Memory Book page.  Cover your whole book with this great value pack!

Item Number: 90-902                                                                                $34.00 USD

All Occasions - Photo Page Pockets (set of 12)
Twelve acid free, archival safe photo pages.  Each page contains six 4 x 6 photo pockets for a total of 72 photos, plus additional pockets for writing notes.  These photo pages will fit all Tessera Memory Books.

Item Number: 90-900                                                                                $13.50 USD

All Occasions - Photos & Keepsakes
Twelve pages with the title "Photos & Keepsakes"; appropriate for any Tessera Memory Book. 

Click here to view pages.

Item Number: 70-402                                                                                $13.50 USD

All Occasions - Places, Activities & Memories
Twelve pages with the title "Places, Activities & Memories"; appropriate for any Tessera Memory Book. 

Click here to view pages.

Item Number: 70-403                                                                                $13.50 USD

All Occasions - Screw Post Extensions (Pkg of two 5mm extensions)
Screw Post extensions will hold an additional three insert packs in your book.  If you are ordering less than three insert packs, you don't need to buy the screw post extensions. You can simply remove the cardboard spacers in the binding of your book.

Item Number: 90-903                                                                                $0.50 USD

Baby - My Grandparents Insert Pages
This Tessera Insert Pack includes 12 pages to capture information about your baby's grandparents.  The page titles include:
* About Grandma (2)
* About Grandpa (2)
* Grandma and Grandpa Together (2)
* About the Greats (4)
* Family Traditions
* Special Memories

Item Number: 70-456                                                                                $13.50 USD

Baby- Adopted Child
Twelve pages of additional information to chronicle the special journey of adopting a child.  Page Titles are:
* Starting The Journey
* Learning About You
* About Your Birth Mother
* About Your Birth Father
* All About You
* Meeting You
* Before You Came Home
* Finalization
* Together As A Family
* Other Important People In Our Lives
* A Letter To You
* Adoption Documentation

Item Number: 70-411                                                                                $13.50 USD

Baby- Foreign Adoption
Twelve pages that focus on the unique aspects of adopting a child from a foreign country.  Page Titles are:
* Your Homeland Facts
* Your Homeland Culture
* Continuing The Connection
* Travel Itineraries
* Traveling to Your Country
* Trip Details
* Returning to Your Country
* Trip Details
* While Waiting For You
* Traveling Home
* Reflections of The Adoption Journey
* Special Documentation

Item Number: 70-412                                                                                $13.50 USD

Childhood - Additional School Years
Twelve pages that include two sets of the School Year Pages.  Page Titles are:
* School Year Memories
* My Class Picture
* Favorites
* Favorite Activities
* Important Events
* Birthday

Item Number: 70-417                                                                                $13.50 USD

Childhood - Favorite Activities
Twelve pages with the title "Favorite Activities".  These pages are appropriate for Tessera Baby and Childhood Memory Books. 

Click here to view pages.

Item Number: 70-416                                                                                $13.50 USD

Childhood - Report Cards & Class Work
Twelve pages with the title "Report Cards & Class Work".  These pages are approrpiate for the Tessera Childhood Memory Book. 

Click here to view pages.

Item Number: 70-419                                                                                $13.50 USD

Childhood - Summertime Fun
Twelve pages that capture summertime activities includes four summers, three pages for each summer.  Page Titles are:
* Summertime Fun (4 pages)
* Vacations & Adventures (4 pages)
* Summertime Memories (4 pages)

Item Number: 70-418                                                                                $13.50 USD

Childhood - Vacation - A Kid's Perspective
Twelve pages to add to the Tessera Vacation Memory Book bringing a child's perspective of a vacation.  Four vacations included (three pages each).  Page Titles are:
* About My Vacation
* Adventures
* Vacation Memories

Item Number: 70-428                                                                                $13.50 USD

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